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Ars Creatività

PROSOCHĒ is a Firm of Imagination and Innovation that specializes in the Inspiration, Development, and Production of Creativity as a Form of Art, as a Form of Craft, as a Form of Livelihood – AS A FORM OF LIFE

Our Mission is to Assist our Select Clientele
in Achieving an Enduring Creative Success

Ars Attenzione

Prosochē [προσοχή org. Greek | pro-so-hi] is an ancient Stoic philosophical concept requiring one to focus completely on the present moment. Our Firm is committed to this Art of Attention concept as a Guiding Principle and pledges to bring the full focus of our Artistic Talents and Industry Expertise on the present needs of our select clientele – for it is how we attend to the present that determines how the future attends to us.

Purpose of this Blog

What we hope to do with our corporate blog is to provide Creative and Industry-related information relevant to your needs. With your feedback and occasional guest contributions, we hope to make this a resource that Creative Professionals and Laypersons alike come back to time and again to help maintain an enduring creative success.



The Art of Attention

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